About us

Shake. Chug. Enjoy.

Astronut started 2023 with the idea of combining great nut mixes with a new way of eating them. We are a product-driven team, striving for mixes equally tasty, healthy and great-looking. In early 2024, we launched our first nut and fruit mixes. Welcome to the Astronut universe.

Our vision

Astronut strives to create premium nut mixes. Nuts are a great way to load up on protein and other stuff that’s good for your body as a part of a healthy lifestyle. And that’s not all – we want to change how we eat nuts. No more greasy hands, just clean nut chugging. Our mixes are created with premium nuts, packaged in a sweet-looking, resealable metal can. Looking cool while eating nuts have never been easier. Or tastier.

Our Goal

Astronut aims to create tasty products in the premium nut segment. Over the last year, we perfected our 4 first mixes and sealed them in our unique packaging. We’ve been around the world to find the best producers, created and tasted numerous mixes and crafted a fine-tuned brand, all to find something truly unique, through and through. With roots in Sweden and global ambitions. More to come soon. Stay tuned.