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The new way of eating nuts.

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How do you eat nuts? Out of a bag, like a savage? We created a brand new way to consume your favourite snack. Partly because it’s cool. Partly to keep our hands fresh. Eat nuts like it’s 2033.

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Do nuts make you a better person?

Deep space
nut knowledge

Obviously. For example, do you know of any astronaut with a nut allergy? I thought so. Those guys are smart. Smart enough to chug those nuts from a can instead of getting their fine-tuned fingers nut-greased. Wow. That could be you.

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Make sure your co-workers always snack like it’s 2033. Astronut has solutions for your work place.

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Upgrade your nut assortment with our mixes to make sure that all customers stay grease-free.

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Are you an influencer that loves nuts? Do you aspire to become an astronaut? Say no more.

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